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Kiara Chevalier

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Kiara Chevalier Empty Kiara Chevalier

Post by BlueKat12 on Wed May 29, 2013 1:25 am

13 1/2
Pokemon Party
Zayne the Charmander:
Kiara Chevalier Charmander_Clone
Level: 8
Gender: Male
Received at: Level 5
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember
Nature: Brave

Zeke the Larvitar:
Kiara Chevalier 246
Level: 9
Gender: Male
Received at: Level 5
Moves: Leer, Bite, Sandstorm
Nature: Adamant

Box Pokemon

4 Kiara Chevalier Pokeball
0 Kiara Chevalier Potion
1 Xtranciever


Appearance: Dark brunette hair color that she prefers to have it down, it's very long and thick as it reaches her lower back. She sometimes wears a headband that has a Bulbasaur bulb shape on the side of it. She has differently colored eyes, one being green and one being brown. She usually wears pants(because not even my rp characters will wear dresses or short shorts >:-( ) with the occasional capris. What she wear changes with the weather, in cold she usually wears darker colors while in summer she wears bright colors. She despises dresses, and will only wear skirts if she can wear shorts underneath. She feels that a lady shouldn't show off her legs like a model would, she doesn't have the self confidence for it either.

Personality: Despite being shy and self-conscious, this little girl can't resist strange things. She loves to explore and see weird things such as bones. She's intrigued by what stories could be behind them. She can' resist oddities, which is one of the reasons that she picked Zayne from the batch. She's quiet around people, but isn't afraid to approach them and ask for something. She's never sure of herself and is constantly checking back with others to ask if she was doing okay to the point of annoyance.

History:The Chevalier name used to be feared in the market industry due to the wealth and power it held. For several generations it remained as one of the top marketers of the economic world, may their actions be law-abiding or otherwise. But one fateful night, disaster struck. The Head of the Household was murdered, and no trace of the culprit was to be found. Due to this, many of the family members began blaming each other, ultimately leading to the end of their union. One half held the power and wealth of the name, while the other was sentenced to live in another region, never to be given connection again.

Kiara was pampered the rest of her life, causing her to become timid towards others. She stayed in Kanto while her brother was exiled to Johto. Her side of the family moved to Celadon City to keep their wealth. At the age of 12 she was given a batch of charmanders to choose from, she picked the smallest Charmander in the batch that had been hiding in the corner. She befriended it through food and time, the charmander had only just recently began to fully trust Kiara, she named the Fire Lizard "Zayne".

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