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Post by ConnieZo on Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:56 am

ConnieZo carried out 1 launched of one Checking (Image not informed.) :
Jocelyn Frays Excellent!

Name: Jocelyn Frays
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Coordinator
Personality: Jocelyn is an up and coming young coordinator with plenty of pluck but not a lot of luck. If something can go wrong for her it most likely will, though she doesn't let this stop her and her ability to press ahead no matter what is admirable. Stubborn and headstrong she has a tendency to charge headfirst into a situation, once she's made a decision it would take an impossible amount of effort to change her mind. She loves making friends with Pokemon and people alike but has a hard time knowing when to back off, as a result she doesn't have many friends.
Appearance:Tanned skin with dark brown hair and blue eyes, her hair goes a bit past her shoulders in a messy frenzy of curls. Her eyes are wide and always appear excitable for something. She stands at 5 feet tall, her attire consists of a purple sleeveless shirt and deep red pants that extend past her knees and bright yellow sandals. She has a teal bag and a string of pearls around her neck
History: Born into a long line of Pokemon Trainers many in the family had taken the League Challenge, none succeeded. When Jocelyn was born the family had hopes that she would be the first one in their family to make it to the Pokemon league, the same dream they had for practically every child born into the family. Those were dashed though when she decided she wanted to collect ribbons instead of badges. Of course there were plenty of up and coming Trainers in the family so there were no problems for her family-wise in pursuing her dream. Of course there was a problem when it came to learning how to be a good Coordinator, no one in the family had taken that path and couldn't even begin to tell her what to expect in contests, one summer though her parents were able to take her to a contest that was being held in another town. Seeing the action in person was much greater than anything she saw on t.v, she watched as the Pokemon and Coordinators gracefully entertained the audience in many unique ways. After the contest while leaving the building she saw one of the Coordinators that had made it to the Semi-finals and rushed over to meet them. The Coordinator was happy to see the young child so excited about contest, when he had finished answering her many questions he told her of a special treat that had been developed in Sinnoh that enhanced a Pokemons sheen and gave her some of his own recipes. Once she got home she wasted no time in practicing Poffin making and became quite adept at it even making some of her own recipes.

When she was eleven her uncle took her out to catch her own Pokemon, giving her a Poke Ball and one of his own companions. He took her down to the beach as Water Pokemon were her favorite and stayed a bit behind, close enough so that he could jump in should something go wrong. After a while of searching they came across a young looking Corsola, Jocelyn wasted no time in initiating the battle. The battling part was easy, though Jocelyn was inexperienced her uncles Pokemon thankfully wasn't and was able to take the Corsola down. The hard part had come with the actual throwing of the ball, it had landed a good foot away from the Pokemon who was beginning to get up to make an escape. Jocelyn was not about to let it get away though as she ran over to grab the ball and dropped it onto the Corsola, succeeding in the capture. Obviously not a capture a seasoned trainer would be proud of but young Jocelyn was quite joyful and showed off her new Corsola, a male named Corey, to everyone she met.
Pokemon Name: Corey
Pokemon Level: 5
Pokemon Species: Corsola ( #237 The Coral Pokemon)
Pokemon Move Set: Tackle, Harden
Pokemon Ability: Hustle, Natural Cure
Pokemon Nature/Personality: Bold
Pokemon Gender:Male

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