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Alistair Chevalier

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Alistair Chevalier Empty Alistair Chevalier

Post by Nocive on Tue May 28, 2013 9:46 pm

Name: Alistair 'Al' Chevalier

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Occupation: Trainer

Personality: Alistair is overall a nice person. He's calm and level-headed, making him very approachable. He's friendly, and enjoys socializing with pokemon and people alike. It's very rare for him to lie, as he values the trust and friendship of others to a high degree, often higher than his own wellbeing. Because of this, he's dependable, though reckless as he forgets to care for himself when attempting to care for others. This has lead to many incidents, but he doesn't seem to mind so long as he does good.

However, his high value towards friends and family can also become his downfall in more ways than one. He has the tendency to be a bit too concerned and protective of those he holds dear, and due to this he can be excessive at times. Often, he can annoy or even scare people without realizing it in his desire to care for his family and friends' wellbeings. But all in all, he really does mean well, even though he sometimes hurts people in the process.

Don't take his good nature for granted, though. He can still act harsh on purpose, and has a selfish side like all other humans. He can be cruel to people who hurt those he cares about, and does not take betrayal lightly.

Appearance: Alistair stands fairly tall compared to most boys his age, though not too much. He has sandy blonde hair (often mistaken for light brown) that he keeps at a relatively clean cut, though does leave the bangs a bit too messy. He has one green eye and one brown eye, the only hint that he came from Chevalier descent. He often wears a dark jacket with a white shirt underneath. He wears camo cargo pants (shush those are awesome), black shoes, and has a belt where he can easily carry around pokeballs. He carries around a backpack and always wears a Soothebell necklace given to him by the Daycare Couple.

History: The Chevalier name used to be feared in the market industry due to the wealth and power it held. For several generations it remained as one of the top marketers of the economic world, may their actions be law-abiding or otherwise. But one fateful night, disaster struck. The Head of the Household was murdered, and no trace of the culprit was to be found. Due to this, many of the family members began blaming each other, ultimately leading to the end of their union. One half held the power and wealth of the name, while the other was sentenced to live in another region, never to be given connection again.

Alistair was separated from his younger sister (Who will be RPed by bluekat12) as the family was split in half. His side of the family was forced into exile, banned from having contact with the other side. They migrated to Johto, separating in small families and leaving Al with only his Aunt in Goldenrod. Although it wasn't as luxurious as their previous life, they shared a peaceful time in the city. Al had learned to appreciate pokemon, as he was never able to make many friends due to his family's past. He began helping out at the nearby Daycare, training himself to observe and record the natures, behaviors, and proper treatment of pokemon. Thanks to this, along with his studies, he was deemed ready enough to go on his own.

After years of preparation and hardwork, he finally proved himself to his Aunt and was given permission to leave Johto and embark on his journey as a trainer. Al decided to begin in the region of Ichigo, hoping to find a wider variety of pokemon. Packing his bags, the boy bade his beloved Aunt farewell. Along the way, he also gave his thanks and goodbyes to the Daycare Couple, whom he had considered his own grandparents after his many years of working there. He received a Soothebell necklace as a final gift from the couple, which he has vowed to always treasure.

-Alistair is Kiara (bluekat12's character)'s older brother.
-He has a Soothebell necklace, which is like a mock item of the Soothebell made only for its peaceful ringing sound. It is said to be good luck, but it does not affect a pokemon's happiness like the actual item.



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Alistair Chevalier Empty Re: Alistair Chevalier

Post by BlueKat12 on Tue May 28, 2013 10:13 pm

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