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Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records

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Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records Empty Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records

Post by BlueKat12 on Sat May 04, 2013 6:18 pm

Name: Rave(he prefers to be called this, he abandoned his old name)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon Party
Rufflet the Rufflet:
Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records 627
Level: 28
Gender: Male
Received at: Level 5 in Feronia
Moves: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Wing Attack, Hone Claws, Scary Face, Aerial Ace, Slash
Nature: Adamant

Runa the Mightyena:

Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records Og4f5
Name: Runa
Level: 22
Gender: Female
Received at: level 9 in Feronia
Moves:Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite, Oder Sleuth, Roar
Nature: Naughty

Axew the Axew:

Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records 610
Name: Axew
Level: 22
Gender: Female
Received at: level 20 in Feronia
Moves: Slash, Scary Face, Dual Chop, Dragon Rage, Assurance, Leer, Scratch
Nature: Adamant

Box Pokemon

8 Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records Pokeball
2 Gabriel Justiic(Rave) Records Potion
1 Xtranciever



[Amnesia Arc]
The Wicked Witch's Will(Active)
Of Whips and Fedoras(Active)
The Missing Child(Completed)
[Forefather Arc]
Forefather Part I(Completed)

Usually silent, Rave prefers to keep to himself. He feels that he shouldn't be himself around others, since he was kept at home, even home schooled, since he was a toddler. He's really an adventurous lad that loves the company of others, he just wears a mask(Figuratively) because of what his mother taught him. He pretends and convinces himself that he's antisocial and that he should never get along with others. He is very concerned for others although pretends to not be. He pretends to be very cold and uncaring toward others.
He has black hair, that he only just brushes since he's rushed most of the time to keep moving. He prefers dark clothing such as black pants, slightly baggy preffered, and red T-shirts or jackets. He refuses to wear anything bright like pink and yellow, he will wear white sometimes since it matches nearly everything. He's a person of casual clothing, he doesn't want to stand out and look fancy since he ran away from home and posters are up with "Have you seen this child?" on them. Rave never wears shorts but will sometimes wear capri's, since he is traveling a lot he wants some kind of cover for his legs if he does something like walk through bushes. He never wears sandals and always wears the same walking shoes he always has, though it is a bit used and dirty he doesn't mind it.
He was kept in his house as a child, even home schooled. This is because his mother had grown paranoid after an accident where he had been kidnapped while playing with some other kids. He was rescued yes, but his mother wanted to make sure it never happened again. She believed that is was the other kids that caused her precious to be kidnapped, so she taught Rave to be cold toward others and be uncaring. He believed every word, but he was upset when his mother told him he couldn't have a pokemon. He lived there until he was 16 before he finally got the courage to run away from home. His mother believed he was kidnapped again and called the police. He evaded the police of the small town and went to Feronia to live his own life. He continues to wear his "mask" though, thinking that he needed to.
Transferring from Feronia

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