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Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 10, 2013 3:28 pm

Name:Joseph Blake
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trainer

Lucius the Yamask:
Joseph Blake Records 562
Name: Lucius
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Moveset: Astonish, Protect, Disable,Haze
Nature: Relaxed
Extra:he Yamask remembered everything about it's previous life, and how it had died. It had been shot in the chest by it's friend when he had tried to protect a pokemon. He hadn't known that his friend had fired the bow, and had blacked out as soon as it struck and woke up inside an pokemon egg and found himself to be a yamask. The Yamask, WAS Lucius. He had recognized his family's curse, and apologized to Seph by becoming his pokemon and vowing to continue to protect his stubborn as an ass friend.

Flora the Turtwig:

Joseph Blake Records 387
Name: Flora
Level: 8
Gender: Female
Moveset: Tackle, Withdraw
Nature: Timid
Box Pokemon:

3 pokeballs
5 Greatballs
1 Ultratransciever
1 Leftovers (Held By Lucius the Yamask)
TM Dragon Claw


Seph is known for being a bit arrogant and people think he thinks he's always right because he's known to argue with everyone. The fact is, Seph loves to argue. He likes to debate and try to argue his own opinion and secretly wants SOMEONE to change his stubborn as a mule mind. The only person to ever do this was his childhood friend, Lucius. He was the only one to ever be able to influence his mind, even then he only did it once, and be his friend.Seph isn't religious or gullible, he IS your typical loose cannon though. He tends to get into a lot of fights because of his love for arguing and doesn't really respect those who can't justify their opinions. He believes that there is no "Just because" for him there is a reason behind everything.

Seph is terrified of using weapons despite the bow he carries around. He never gets any arrows and tends to walk himself into danger more often than not. If someone attacks him, he wont fight back in fear of hurting the other. He thinks that all things can be solved through words, if not then pokemon battles. He's fine with pokemon battles since his Yamask seems to love to train and get stronger. In his belief, pokemon enjoy the fights even in defeat, because each time they become a little bit stronger and he wants to help them become stronger to defend themselves against hunters
Appearance: He's of medium size and medium build, and considered to be quite handsome by the ladies at his old town. His hair is a medium brown, which is only slightly brushed and soft. He has glittering emerald eyes. He usually wears jeans with an open black jacket and a brown shirt underneath. He has a medium sized silver bow that he carries around and is cursed to carry forever.
(Sorry it's not much |D)
Think this with green eyes xD:

Joseph Blake Records 4468875691_aacdccff7d
His father was secretly a pokemon hunter, hunting down pokemon and killing them for supplies such as leather and meat. Joseph knew of his father's occupation, but said nothing of it. His dad trained him with the bow and arrow, and Joseph was the best when it came to aiming. The two were the near typical father and son relationship.

In school, he was a loner. Since nobody could change his stubborn attitude and opinions, they didn't want to even be near him, even the girls who thought he was rather cute. At recess he was always alone in the bushes or sitting with his back against the wall, waiting for the day to go on and for recess to end. One day, a boy by the name of Lucius transferred to his school, the boy claimed he was a psychic. Nobody believed him though, no matter how much proof he gave them. The kids were being just as stubborn as Seph was! The teacher had assigned the two together during a project, since nobody wanted to pair with the two. The project was to write an essay on whether or not Arceus existed. Seph thought it didn't, while Lucius thought it did. The two argued, and the more heated the argument the louder they grew and the quieter the class became. Soon they were both huffing and glaring daggers at each other. After a while, Seph began to laugh and called Lucius his friend from then on and began hanging out with the other loner during lunches, they hadn't argued since.

After a while, they went from middle school to high school. This was when Seph's dad thought it was time for Seph to make his first kill. Seph was terrified, so he told Lucius about it. Lucius knew that Seph didn't want to kill anything, so he tried to convince him to not to. Seph was more terrified of angering his dad than his beliefs, so he dropped the conversation and left.

When the night of the hunt came, Seph was told to hunt down a swasbuck. Seph hesitantly left, and tracked down the majestic pokemon. He pulled back his arrow, and failed to let it go three times before he finally shot it, and when he shot it he hadn't meant to for it had slipped from his sweaty fingers. He gasped and heard a loud "NO!" as a figure jumped in front of the swasbuck. Lucius had jumped in front of the arrow as the last second and shielded the pokemon. The arrow pierced Lucius and killed him.

After the funerals and services were over, Seph was still grieving. He sulked around for weeks, not noticing the vengeful family of psychics that stalked him. He never even touched his beloved bow again. One night, he woke to find himself in the forest, paralyzed and floating. He was set in the middle of a circle and heard the clatter as his bow was thrown at his hands. He still couldn't move as he heard chanting begin and it was a full half hour before he could hear something in English, "Do not leave the weapon that killed our son unattended, else you'll pay the price." He didn't know what this meant, but he didn't want to find out. He kept his bow close to him, always remembering how he had murdered his only friend.

He lost his bow only once, a thief had attacked him. Seph was too terrified of hurting another person to fight back, and the thief had hit the bow. At the same time, Seph's back received a powerful shock of intense pain that made him scream. The thief looked at him confused and toyed with the bow, hitting it and watched as pain was caused to Seph like a voodoo doll. A nearby Yamask heard these cries of agony, and saved Seph. Seph thanked the pokemon with a home and shelter, keeping the pokemon a secret from his dad. Once his dad found out about the pokemon, he left with the pokemon in a pokeball and five other pokeballs he had snatched from his father. He couldn't stay any longer. He named the yamask in honor of his friend, "Lucius"

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