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Divinity Sign Up

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Divinity Sign Up

Post by BlueKat12 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:26 am

In the land of divinity, all gods, devils, demons, and monsters exist, as long as they have believers. A divine being is as immortal and wealthy as how many believers they have and how strong their faith is. The amount of wealth and immortality a god receives is determined through a simple old looking box called "Pandora's Box" that grants the gods their immortality and wealth in the godly universe every year. The more people believe you exist, the more wealth you obtain and more immune you are to harm and sickness, if no body believes in you, you are on the same level as a common mortal. Different beings gain belief in different ways, from doing good to doing bad. There is a history with the box that says that it will continue to serve the gods in this way, as long as nobody opens it.

This story will center around a group of newborn gods, that decide to do the forbidden deed when they aren't granted anything due to having so few believers. They grow furious after going from being treated like they were important to being treated like they were trash. So they opened the box to see just what was determining their fate, and the force inside the box grows furious and throws the entire world into chaos. All divine beings lose their immortality and are shot back down to Earth with the mortals. The gods are furious with the trainees, and send them off to defeat the force the box had unleashed and restore the peaceful order that had once been. The trainees must venture from the beaches of California to the Statue of Liberty in New York, fighting the furious monsters that had been unleashed and the angry gods, devils, and demons that seek revenge all while trying to restore belief into the people.
1. posting order will be everybody posts once in between my posts and I will only post once everyone has posted. If two days go without posting I will post anyways(unless nobody has posted, if this occurs extended time will be given)
2. You only have a SINGLE power in the mortal world, after beating a boss with help of everyone else(I will announce that it's a boss, but it will be obvious that it's a boss) you will be allowed to ONE more thing with it. These can be decided on the way.
Beat 0 bosses: Can shoot fire from fists (straight lines)
Beat 1 boss: Can control the flames shot from fists slightly(can make wide arc turns)
Beat 2 bosses: Can make sharp turns with flames
beat 3 bosses: Can make whole arm set on fire
3. by the end of the rp towards the final fight you will be able to do anything you can think of with your power. (In other words: HUGE POWER HOUSE FIGHT 8D)
4. Don't over power
5. No powerplaying, all power playing posts WILL BE IGNORED
6. Please pay attention to other's posts even if they're 9 paragraphs long
7. Yes we will be going to every state from Cali to New York (probably will skip some to speed it up a bit)
8. 16+ ages of character are accepted.

Major Gods: Do good deeds to gain belief, are usually nice and very popular. Do not make physical contact with mortals. Quarrels with Devils only, ignores demons and monsters.
Devils: Do bad deeds to gain belief, are usually selfish and popular. Do not make physical contact with mortals. Quarrel with Major Gods and Minor Gods
Demons/Monsters: Use Terror to spread belief, usually work under Devils and are sadistic. Make physical contact with humans but not that popular. Once Popular enough may upgrade to Devil. Usually do not quarrel with minor gods. Usually do not quarrel with Minor Gods and Devils.
Demons-More human like(Like Medusa)
Monsters-More beast like(Like a hydra)
Minor Gods: Use feelings and other more positive methods of gaining belief, usually not that popular and do make physical contact with mortals. Once popular enough could upgrade to Major God. Usually do not quarrel with Demons/monsters and Gods.
Pandora's Box: A simple and old looking box that measures mortal's belief in a god and determines the amount of money and immortality each god receives once a year.
The Big Ones: Usually refers to the major gods and devils that are believed in major religions such as Christianity, Islam, ect. Will never make an appearance.
Pints: Gods/Devils/Monsters that are long past their their time and aren't being believed in as much as they used to. They are living off of remnants of their people's belief and take care of new born gods until they are estimated at Pandora's Box.
Newbies: Newborn Gods, treated like royalty until exact wealth and immortality is measured and given.

Character Sheet:

Mythology Behind Them:
Rank: (Only Demons Monsters and Minor Gods allowed)
God of:
Personality: (Optional)
Appearance: (pictures accepted)
Age Appearance:


[b]Mythology Behind Them:[/b]
[b]Rank:[/b] (Only Demons Monsters and Minor Gods allowed)
[b]God of:[/b] (What your powers will be similar to) 
[b]Personality:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (pictures accepted)
[b]Age Appearance:[/b]

Credits: Acti for the idea of Trainee Gods. Ashen for the Idea of Pandora's Box being opened.

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Re: Divinity Sign Up

Post by Number XV on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:14 pm

Name: Sentinel


Mythology Behind Them: Every armor had a soul, a spirit of protection cast upon it, of varying power and strength, and when this armor broke in battle, or was discarded by its master, the spirit was released. Once, one of these spirits did not return to Valhalla as it was supposed to, refusing to leave the earthly plane, and taking a mortal shape, forged itself a suit of plate mail. Unheard of in those times, and went on a search for its previous master, who had abandoned it, in the process bringing bloody ends to many warriors of all religions and creeds. Eventually its infamy gathered behind it, believers, thinking this person was a God come down from the Aether, while others cursed it as a Monster or Demon from the Netherworlds. Its master in the mean-time had grown to be a warlord of a region, having a massive army behind his flag of murder and destruction. It was inevitable that these two forces would meet on the field of battle. When they did, the kingdom and the followers of both sides were obliterated in a holocaust of power, released from both leaders. The 'Master' had found a God during that time, minor as it was, it elevated him to the same level as the Armor-Spirit. After a long exhausting battle, draining almost all of the Spirit's power, it slew the man. And collapsing among the ruins, faded from the memory of the human and monster races. Waaaay down the road of time, the Spirit awoke, now brought into the realm of Divinity by their actions, and the unconscious prayers of those Knight in Full-Plate armor, a design inspired by the spirit's style of armor. Still weak from their battle with the Mage-Warlord, they waited buried in the rubble and ruins of the forgotten kingdom, till' they felt another sphere of influence they commanded. Such bloodletting, war, and its overviews, wrath, rage, and honor, powered its faint and weak divine spark for the Gods to take notice, and conjuring the person from the Ruins where they lay buried, accepted them into the now modern world of the Pantheons. They asked it, it's name, and for the first time, with only a select five, heard it speak one word for the time it has been in existence. The word was 'Sentinel'. And so, Sentinel, the Demon/Monster/God of Protection and Battle, joined the halls of the Gods.

Rank: (Only Demons Monsters and Minor Gods allowed) Minor God/Monster/Demon (Depends on your view of them. And what religion you are referring to... And they don't act in accordance to most things. xD)
God of: Protection and Battle

Personality: Opitionality(Its a Word.) Taken.

Appearance: Addition: Sentinel uses a simple cross-hilted long-sword, made out of Cold Iron (Which is able to strike a manner of demons and monsters) And if that is disarmed, they go FISTICUFFS! Also, you cannot tell their gender, only the Five that heard Sentinel speak know, and even then, they won't tell. A Long Blonde Ponytail Flows out from behind, bound by a strip of white cloth.

Age Appearance: ????, They are covered completely by their armor, its impossible to tell.

((I finished it later.))

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Re: Divinity Sign Up

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:29 pm

Name: Zephyr
Gender: Male
Mythology Behind Them: His "rein" began when an unfortunate soul of a child dreamed of him. The child was a young girl being plagued with the nightmares, and she knew each nightmare was to come when she saw him in her dream. He had a great broadsword with a blood red handle and was usually busy hacking and slashing anything that came near the girl, she both viewed him as a protector and as a bringer of nightmares. She told other people of her nightmares, only one person believed her and told her that this was most likely a diving being trying to reach out to her. She believed the mysterious man, who had in fact been speaking to her in her dreams. She began to believe in him, and worship him in hopes that he'll leave her alone and take the nightmares with him. She believed it to work, and was left alone until her later young adult years. She began to be plagued again by the mysterious boy with the broadsword. She decided that in the waking world, the man wanted her to spread word of him, and wouldn't cease to plague her until he had more followers. She did so, spreading the word as much as she could, and so Zephyr was born in the divine world. Born out of a lonely woman's insanity.
Rank: Demon(Considered Demon, due to his mythology behind him)
God of: Nightmares, Dreams, Slumber
Personality: Optional
Lazyness powers, ACTIVATE:



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Age Appearance: 17

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Re: Divinity Sign Up

Post by Sponsored content

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