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Alexandra, -Cough- Alex.

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Alexandra, -Cough- Alex. Empty Alexandra, -Cough- Alex.

Post by Number XV on Mon May 20, 2013 8:32 pm

Name: Alexandra Requim, goes by Alex.
Age: 17 3/4
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trainer
Personality: (S) He cares deeply for pokemon, and for people. He holds honor and loyalty to be good traits in a person, and he tries to hold up to his own thoughts. He loves his pokemon, 'Knight' with all his heart, and his siblings even slightly more. He acts naive but usually understands what is going on.If anything, because of this personality, and the way he looks, he is mistaken as a Tomboyish Girl.
Appearance: Wears a white, or gray, T-shirt most of the time, along with cargo pants or jeans. If its cold, (S) He'll be wearing a red and gray hoodie, with flames on the arms. (S) He has blue eyes, and long brown hair that (S) he ties up in a ponytail with a white or red strip of cloth, which is often mistaken for a Bow. (S) He has a slender build, but has muscle strength in that type of frame, but being slender, and having a slightly rounded face, people often mistake him as a girl.ATTENTION: This person can and will be mistaken as a Girl. Please conform to this. And don't God-Mod saying that you know he is a guy.
History:Alex came to the Ichigo Region, along with his siblings when he was just a child, everyone quickly separated, and Alex stayed with Brand. His sisters both went out, the second oldest one settling in Karmia, and becoming the Gym Leader there, while Tari the Oldest one of them all, at the age of 24, fell in the three other people, and became part of the Elite Four for the region. He helped Brand out on the ranch, and with his Gym, but not having a Pokemon himself, couldn't battle at all. Finally on his Seventeenth birthday, both his sisters took a holiday, and came home, and Tari provided him with a small box, inside, a child of her Bisharp, a Pawniard. He quickly named it 'Knight' since, he looked at up to both of his sisters immensely, and because of their style, he named it thus. Now 9 months later since his Birthday, he has decided to leave Redwood, just to see the region, and visit his sisters. Of course, getting badges along the way to impress Tari, the elder sister, also kinda helps.
Extra: Alex shall be starting out with Knight already in his party, but he wishes to stop by the lab anyway, to say 'Hi'.
Knight: Pawniard, Nature: Adamant.
Move Set: Scratch
Ability: Pressure (It can have this ability. I checked.)

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Alexandra, -Cough- Alex. Empty Re: Alexandra, -Cough- Alex.

Post by BlueKat12 on Mon May 27, 2013 4:52 pm

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