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Character Template

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Character Template Empty Character Template

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 03, 2013 9:44 pm

Here is the template for creating a character. You can add onto this if you wish.

Name: First and last, middle names are optional.

Age: Anything 13 or higher, but I wouldn't expect for an 80 year old to go on an adventure. (age limit changed on 6/19/2013)

Gender: Male or female, easy.

Occupation: Are you a Trainer, a Coordinator, or an aspiring Breeder?

Personality: How does your character act around others? Is he or she insane, by chance? Please, at least a five sentence paragraph. Please be thorough and of course: No Gary or Mary-sues.

Appearance: How does your character look? Tall or short, fat or thin? Adding clothes are optional, but at least say the style of what your character wears (fancy, casual, a certain color, ect.). A five sentence paragraph minimum. (Picture is OPTIONAL but words are REQUIRED even if picture is available.)

History: How was your character raised and where does he or she live? Why did he or she want to come to the region and/or start his or her journey? As always, five sentence paragraph minimum, but PLEASE be through and explain EVERYTHING.

Extra: If there's anything extra you want do add, put it here. This is completly optional, though. This is the place where you put if you want to spend cash to be a psychic and such if you wish.

Pokemon: Does your character have any pokemon with them? (Only one) Leave sections with "Pokemon" in front of them blank if your character does not have a pokemon.

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Level:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Species:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Move Set:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Ability:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Nature/Personality:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Gender:[/b]

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