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Starlight Academy: Fantasy School RP Since 2005

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Starlight Academy: Fantasy School RP Since 2005 Empty Starlight Academy: Fantasy School RP Since 2005

Post by SARPG on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:32 pm

[align=center]Starlight Academy: Fantasy School RP Since 2005 B3nwCj7

For centuries we’ve been around. Unnoticed, perhaps, but we’ve been around; hiding right in plain sight. To this day, no one has figured out our secret – the fact that we’re gifted.

All right, enough of the fancy words. ‘Gifted’ is just what they call us to make us sound like we aren’t freaks. For whatever reason, we were born with abilities that other people weren’t. Whether it’s being more in tune with the elements, telling the future, walking through walls, or whatever else you’ve got. There’s just something about us that alienates us not only from the rest of the population on Earth but even from each other. Some of us aren’t even human.

So they send us to this dump of a school on some island in the Pacific Ocean no one even has on a map. Nice way to show we’re wanted, right? Whatever. At least it’s a place away from home and all the other troubles we have to put up with from our families, friends, and society for not living up to expectations. We’re here for as long as we’re forced to stay – and even after we’re gone, I don’t think we’re ever really free. It’s not like we can just snap our fingers and get rid of our powers, our abnormalities, and forget everything we had to go through to become the people we are. So I guess good luck, because when you’re surrounded by vampires, pyromaniacs, insane kids, and whatever else this school dishes at you, you’re sure as hell going to need it.

Starlight Academy is an open-ended gifted-persons role play that has been going strong since July 10, 2005. All role players, characters, and plots are wholeheartedly and warmly welcomed and encouraged!


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