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The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius)

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The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius) Empty The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius)

Post by MexterInfinite on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:28 pm

MexterInfinite carried out 1 launched of one Checking (Image not informed.) :
The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius) Nice!
First to arrive in Feronia, Last to Leave.
Old Character Files: Here
Name: Edward(Ed) Darius
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trainer
Personality: He seems to be a cheerful fellow. Likes to hang around with others but will mostly stay in the back. He doesn't really want to be too well known unless he decides to be. However he will help people if they need it. Nothing too outrageous though. He also might freeze if something embarrassing happens to him.
Appearance: The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius) Oqc606He wears a fedora that he had even before his adventures in Feronia, Along with a trench coat and Satchel. He normally doesn't take off his hat but underneath it is messy brown hair. He also Stands at about 5' 10". When he doesn't have his trench coat he will most likely be wearing jeans red shirt. Although that doesn't happen too often. Some people did get him confused with a Doctor of some sort from a TV show because of the coat.
History: He got bored of his continuous studying of pokemon and decided to go out on an adventure with his knowledge he currently has. His knowledge includes stuff like, how to properly treat a wounded pokemon and other things of that nature. Since then he traveled the Feronia region a tiny bit. Nearly dying due to a accident with the second gym leader as the person he faced thought he could just Drown Ed so Ed couldn't win but with the help of one of his friends, Belle, he didn't die but didn't get a badge either. But he has decided to come to Ichigo region to try again on his journey.
Extra: Likes to eat cake... Just a random thing...
Pokemon Name: Anubis
Pokemon Species: Riolu
Pokemon Level: 10
Pokemon Move Set:
Quick Attack
Pokemon Ability:Inner focus
Pokemon Nature/Personality: Jolly
Pokemon Gender: Male

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The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius) Empty Re: The Return of Mr. Fedora... (Ed Darius)

Post by BlueKat12 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:40 pm

Rejected, Please Fix:
Appearance: Does not meet required sentence amount.
History: Please do not be vague, how did he nearly die? How did he get into that situation? How did he get out of it? Please give a complete description.
Transferring: If you are transferring please link to your character records on the previous site or list off what pokemon you have and their stats and such.
Coding: Please follow the coding given in the template.
Did not read the rules:You obviously did not read the rules due to a missing action, please read the rules.

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