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EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg

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EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg Empty EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg

Post by evica ad on Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:24 am

EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg Flower_girl_by_emmybolger-d68q126

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Sick of the boring old light/dark/neutral alliances?[font]
Well! we don't have them here. Instead, we have alliances including Shimonus, Scallywags, Enophora and Syodusae. Help join the conflict and tension between the Shimonians and Enophorians, OR don't by having Scallywags and Syodusae's. Xor has control over the equine kind now..

Want your characters to be HIP and FUNKY? stumble into the Black Market and purchase DREADS with your evphyles.
Potions are to be purchased and body armor too! just come a little close into Evica and you'll be surprised by what you find in the Black Market

It's an rpg that will keep on giving! only just starting up but i have had a great response and compliments on Evica. Want to be surprised while RPing? then maybe a 'Random Gift Drop' might happen! or the GODs might happen to visit you. But be careful, you might be assigned a quest in order to attain your prize


2000 Evican years ago, four highly prestigious equines once roamed the tranquil lands of Evica. These equine gods weren’t the typical horses, unlike others the four gods inherited a golden chain-like possession hung around their necks, on the chains were these stones that held extraordinary powers. Hence the titles these four equines held; gods. Each stone had a certain power.

The Enophora (light) stone that belonged to the Enophorian god had healing powers, Shimonus (dark) stone belonged to the Shimonian god had immortality, Syodusae (neutral) stone belonged to the Syodusian god had stealth. These powers were all very important in a world like Evica.

The gods were once very close but once they found out these powers were unlike any other, it had consumed their poor withered souls and of course, these four prestigious gods never met eye-to-eye with one another ever again, causing all four to go out on a hunt and find lands for themselves. Lands to find the company of others their own kind and hopefully initiate a herd, that was the first easy task and only easy task the gods ever accomplished in their sacrosanct superior lives.

A certain amount of unknown Evican time sped by, causing hatred and greed between the Enophorian (light alliance) god and Shimonian (dark alliance) god due to the obvious rules they had set for themselves, neither saw eye to eye with them. The Shimonian god was a rebellious and cruel stallion who ordered death upon the Enophora race. When this bit of information was let out between the two alliances, the Syodusian god had heard the graving news and feared for themselves and both sides but dared not to get involved with this boiling hatred.

Dark clouds shimmered over all the lands in Evica, the sea currents crashed even more violently against each other and the earth began to tremble..

EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg Evicaaffiliate_zps27337554
[center]<a href="">
<img src="" width=80 height=30 border=0 alt="EVICA"></a>

-We are a VERY new semi realistic horse rpg.-Post enough to buy items from the black market for your character(s)![font]
-Currently needing a few staff members willing to help with coding, suggestions and so on.
-Customize your own foals!
-Attach armour to your character!

evica ad

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EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg Empty Re: EVICA REVAMP- horse rpg

Post by Act-I on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:34 pm

Linked back~ Smile



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