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Post by BlueKat12 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:56 am

If you feel that you've been here long enough to be in staff, then you may apply for a job in it here. Though you must meet certain requirements in order to do so!
Must have at least 1 level 15 pokemon on your character.
Must have 50+ posts
Must have been registered for at least a month
Not have broken any rules
Be trustworthy
Be Active

[Although due to current lack of members most of these requirements shall be dropped]

Admins control the transactions of the forum. They take away poke and add poke as needed and go through members and give them their starting 3000 poke and promote them to Member and Senior Member when needed. Admins do moderator jobs as an option as well.YOU MUST RECEIVE A RECOMMENDATION FROM AN ALREADY EXISTING STAFF MEMBER TO RECEIVE THIS JOB.

As a moderator, you have the right to spawn REASONABLE trainers(Including Project X grunts and Rangers) with REASONABLE pokemon in threads(Though you may NOT do this often) You will also help in grading mono-rp threads and control trainers and their pokemon that the users battle in the Valasiac Market.

It is still under debate on whether this will be added or not

Fill out this forum to apply:

User: (Your user name and any nick-names you may have)
Characters: (include Links)
Job Applying for: What are you applying for
Recommendations: (Does anyone else think you should get this job? They will be PM'd to verify and if they do not reply within 24 hours they will not be counted. If they reject ever recommending you. you will be instantly rejected from the job. You can ask people to vouch for you if you wish.)
Why: (Why should YOU get this job and not the others? How will YOU contribute to the site? No smack-talk!)
Job Applying for:

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