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Protagonist and Antagonist Sign Ups

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Protagonist and Antagonist Sign Ups Empty Protagonist and Antagonist Sign Ups

Post by BlueKat12 on Thu May 30, 2013 8:15 pm

Project X

Applications to be determined by Nocive

The evil team has finally revealed themselves as Project X. Their motives are still unknown, but they have openly revealed themselves as a threat. The GRC(Guardian Ranger Corp) have been doing as much as they can to suppress the knowledge of this group to the public, to avoid causing mass panic, but the information was leaked. Project X is now recruiting members into their holy cause, which they ask for you to trust them on that it is for the best, They offer missions that will repay you generously, a place to stay in every city, and your pokeballs will be given a special "touch" to them to make you be able to catch trainer pokemon in the Valasiac Market. The shopkeepers will also give you a better chance in giving you a discount in your shop purchases.

Guardian Ranger Corp

Applications to be determined by Ashe.Dekari

The GRC(Guardian Ranger Corp) have been fighting Project X even before they were leaked into the public. The GRC have been trying as much as they can to prevent Project X from doing whatever they're doing. The rangers offer a discount in shop purchases, and they will fix your pokeballs to be able to catch back stolen pokemon! You will also be given credit for helping to take down the feared Project X. You will get your very own Dorm in the ranger head quarters and special access pass to Victory Road if you do your assigned job.

Please fill out this form if any of your characters are interested in Project X or GRC:
Character Name (your character's name)
Link to Records (A link to your records)
Link to Character Application: (A link to the application you made when you first joined)
Character Summary: (What has happened to your character so far in their adventure in Ichigo?)
Purpose of Joining (Why do they want to join?)
Which Team? (Project X or GRC?)


[b]Character Name[/b]
[b]Link to Records[/b]
[b]Link to Character Application:[/b]
[b]Character Summary:[/b]
[b]Purpose of Joining[/b]
[b]Which Team?[/b]

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