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A Written Story (In progress) by Number XV

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A Written Story (In progress) by Number XV

Post by Number XV on Fri May 24, 2013 6:04 pm

So I am writing a Pokemon Story for a Friend, the setting is her Character's Fourth Gen. (Sinnoh) Journey, yes I am changing the original script a bit.... But she was fine with so don't rail on me for accuracy. This is not a Nuzlocke story, but there will be violence, romance, exciting bits, and death. Comments are greatly appreciated, as long is its not pure on hate. This will be continuing throughout my entire summer and probably further on beyond that, so I'll post new Chapters as they are written. And yes, her name is Trainer, my friend wanted it that way as well, and I think it allows you to substitute a name for yourself... Anyway, please enjoy...... A Written Story!

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Something
Trainer blinked away her sleepiness, yawning and stretching languidly out across her bedsheet. Yesterday had been a blur of activity, leaving her exhausted enough to sleep into late-morning. "17.... That is my age now..." She quietly thought to herself, staring at the faintly colored ceiling fan rotating slowly above her. A faint call came from her stairway, and then it came again, clearer. "Dear! I your breakfast is ready, your favorite!" It was her mom, yelling up the stairs from the relatively small kitchen. Groaning, she got up into a sitting position, still groggy, and reaching out, pulled on a white and pink T-shirt with a Spinda on it along with a pair of long shorts. She grabbed a hairbrush, and slipped down the stairs brushing her moderately long brown hair. Her mom was busily sweeping around the kitchen, happily humming a song she did not recognize. The table was set in the usual fashion, her mother's Lairon munching cheerfully on a mixture of bacon bits and iron ore. She sat down quickly digging into the eggs and toast, downing most of the breakfast before her mother piped up. "You know Alexandra stopped by, saying something about her Birthday gift and the lake...." Mom stopped speaking, blinking as she watched the dashing form of her daughter. She sighed and shook her her head, returning to her work. "That girl may act reversed, but she is still just as excitable as the rest of us sometimes...." the Lairon growled in agreement around a mouthful of Bacon Ore.
Trainer dashed out of the house, passing by a few people, before reaching route 1. Panting a little, she looked back at Twinleaf town, before going left at the crossroads. Heading towards the lake that she and Alexandra had wandered about so many times.  The entrance was still covered by brush, since it was mostly her and Alex that had been the ones to come here in a long time. She pushed through the foliage to see the glittering expanse of the lake, and the slender form of Alex on the water's edge, his legs dangling in the water, as he blankly stared at the clouds in the sky. She stealthily approached Alex, reaching out with her hands slowly towards the unaware teen. She felt her hands on his back, just before she gave a mighty heave, sending him into the cold water. He came up spluttering indignantly, glaring at his pusher. "Tari!" He yelled, using a nickname he gave her when they first met. His portrayed anger was false though, shown up by the huge grin he had on his face. Alex extended his hand, and Trainer took it, heaving him up onto the bank, dripping wet. "Hey people say you are reserved and all, but you are just impish, you know that?" He muttered as he wrung out part of his drenched shirt. "You looked overheated...." Trainer covered her half-smile with her hand, laughing quiely under her breath. Alex just responded with a playful shove before giving his shirt a final wring, and sat down at the water's edge once more. She sat down beside him, letting her legs drift in the water as well.
She looked over at Alex as he let out a breath, as if he was preparing to say something important to her. He just simply reached into his pocket before tugging out a small latched box. He offered it to her with one hand while looking away, inspecting a tuft of grass. "Here, I spent all day yesterday looking for one..... Soo.. Uhh... Yeah...." He stopped speaking as Trainer took the box, and opened it to reveal the red shiny top of a poke'ball. Her hand trembled as she took out the small ball, and looked at him with slightly widened eyes. "Soo, there is a Pokemon in there...." he muttered lamely, as Trainer stood up, and walked a fair distance from the water's edge. Alex had gotten up and followed behind her with his usual lop-sided grin. She threw up the ball, hearing it pop open, sending a red beam out to hit the ground. The red beam formed into a blue and black furry creature, yawning as if woken up from a nap, A Shinx.

Trainer Blinked at the furry Shinx, before falling to her knees and hugging it close. "I'll name you... Rai... Thank you Alex!" But, she could hear the sound of a pokeball opening behind her, and the cry of Meido, Alex's Aron. She looked towards the sound, turning her head slightly, and saw Alex shrugging apologetically. Trainer stood up facing Alex and sighed, knowing full well that he wanted to battle her. "Hey, you knew that I was going to be your first battle, besides..... I'll go easy on you." Alex laughed as he said this, and the Aron by his side let out a cry of assent, the metallic sound echoing about the forest, almost sounding as if the steel type was laughing along with her trainer. Trainer shook her head as Rai let out a cry, and sprang to the challenge of the Aron. The two friends stepped back, letting the pokemon go at it with a immense amount gusto. Rai had jumped up her tail sparking slightly as the Shinx and the Aron collided together mid-air. With a almost kind of aura surrounding the two, they crashed together again, Alex cheering on Meido, and Trainer silently cheering on Rai. After several more similar clashes of strength, both of the pokemon backed away weakly, their staggering steps showing their sheer exhaustion. Both Alex and Trainer didn't hear the rustling behind them, intent on their Pokemon's battle. However, all stopped when they heard a man's voice, cold and emotionless as its flat baritone sound sent shivers down all their spines.
"How amusing... Two Children, fighting in front of Mezelf's home..." the man stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes running over everything there quickly, then snapping back to stare at both the stunned Alex and Trainer. "Mezelf hear me now, I'll return one day, when there aren't.... Distractions about. Then you'll help me bring about my perfect world...." He glared at both of the Trainers before leaving, his quiet footfalls echoing about the forest, fading into the distance. "I... Uhh..." Alex stammered as he looked about confused just noticing the lengthening shadows. "Hey, Uhh.. Tari? We should be getting back... It IS kinda late after all.... And both of our Pokemon seem ready to fall over." Trainer mutely nodded her consent, and Rai bounded up besides her, nuzzling her leg fondly as they both, side by side, walked back to Twinleaf, in the fading Dusk. But, both felt keenly, that this was only the beginning of something greater.

-End of Chapter 1-

Again, hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and Please, post your comments! Thank you for taking the time to read!
The Second Chapter will be up soon. I promise.

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Re: A Written Story (In progress) by Number XV

Post by BlueKat12 on Sun May 26, 2013 6:20 pm

Awesome! ^_^ Keep it going. I think the aron would've won if they had finished the battle due to my experiences in Ruby...arons...they NEVER let you run and they take forever to tackle to death....*shivers* Also, BACOOOOON OOOOOORE! SMELTITSMELTITSMELTIT! *is shot and dragged away*

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