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Battling Guidelines

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Battling Guidelines Empty Battling Guidelines

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 03, 2013 11:38 pm

~Moves and Abilities~
A Pokemon is not limited to 4 moves. If it knows a move, it will not forget it, but it must learn the move naturally first. Pokemon will learn moves like they would in the games. If a move is learned at level 26, then the Pokemon would learn the move at level 26. TM or tutor moves would have to be taught to a Pokemon, ect. There is no PP, but moves that have less usually have less PP will wear the user out more that a move like tackle. Egg Moves can be taught to pokemon by other player's pokemon that know the move. For example, if you want your ponyta to learn heat wave, you'll have to find someone who's pokemon knows heat wave. That pokemon's trainer can choose to charge or teach for free.

Abilities are a bit different: Every Pokemon has both its abilities, but dream world abilities are different. If you want the dreamworld ability you will have to sacrifice the abilities you have. If your abilities negate each other, such as Riolu's Steadfast(Raises speed every time pokemon flinches) and Inner Focus(prevents flinches) you can choose between one each battle.

~Move Combinations~
Every turn (one post in a battle) your Pokemon can use any moves each. Still, only one can be used to damage your oppenent. Moves that take two turns in-game are an exception. Using them will limit you to only be able to use that move for a turn. Moves that require a turn cooldown (like Hyper Beam) limit that turn to one attack, and one attack on the next turn. Items and switching take up a whole turn.

Coordinators are an exception. In contests, you can use 4 moves per turn, but you can only hit a Pokemon with one attack.

Priority Moves don't go first or last as there is no real priority system. Instaed, the Pokemon gains a speed boost for attacks with high-prioity and waits to be attacked for low-priority moves and then attack. Low priority moves don't count as an attack, and the turn you use it you can still use two other attacks.

~Battle Rules~
In a battle, you may only dodge attacks twice in a row before taking a hit, and you should be reasonal about it. If staff find you dodging too much, they may PM you to take more hits. Attacks that always hit will, in fact, always hit and cannot be dodged, only negated by another attack. Negating an attack also counts as dodging.

Base stats are your friends and guidelines. If you know which base stats are the highest and lowest for a Pokemon, you can enhance a roleplay battle. A Zoroark will be fast but won't take many hits, and a Darmanitan that isn't in Zen Mode probably won't pull off a good Flamethrower attack.

Finally, the most important rule is that you cannot say if an sttack hits. Your opponent gets to decide that. They get to dodge or be hit, and then they may attack you and you do the same thing. No "Pikachu used Thunderbolt, the lightning striking Bulbasaur", but instead "Pikachu used Thunderbolt, attempting to strike Bulbasaur."

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