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Gabriel VS. Aurrow(Remake)

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Gabriel VS. Aurrow(Remake)

Post by BlueKat12 on Wed May 22, 2013 2:59 pm

[I was going through my computer files and I found something I typed a while ago. I got bored and decided to revamp it and put it here xD This is a fight scene between Aurrow and Gabriel that I was going to include in a story I was making a long time ago but gave up on. The girl is Alexandra(Alex) and well, you should be able to piece things together. XD]

The arena was silent as the raven wings flapped, holding up a 16 year old boy in the sky. All spot lights were on him as he held a blank look on his face, the area was dark aside from those lights. They had previously been focused on the boy on stage in the middle of the soccer(or in this country they were in football) area. The people looked to the blonde boy in the middle of the area who seemed to be a bit startled, but happy. There was confusion in the crowd of course, how else would they react to the flying boy who carried a girl in his arms? Quick mumbles in Spanish and a rare case of English rippled through the crowd as they tried to figure out what was going on.
The man in the tuxedo, the announcer, was stunned into silence. There was a clack and a screech as gravity gently pulled the microphone from his hand to the ground. The microphone was picked up the the star of the event, Aurrow. The blonde boy who was celebrating his 15th birthday in Mexico, a major world wide star. Everybody loved him, the girls swooned over him and the guys wanted to be him. Everyone knew him for his constantly white clothes and knew that he helped save thousands of lives by discovering a disease that could have killed off the entire human race and rid the world of it before it could do anything as impossible as it seemed.
Aurrow spoke, "So! You decided to come to my birthday after all!" He exclaimed joyously, "I didn't think you would come big brother!" He seemed to wait for a response from the flying figure that was illuminated by the lights brightly. The famous hero chuckled, "Still not going to talk to me? Why don't you come down? Have a seat? Maybe some cake?" When the human-bird in the sky remained where he was Aurrow's face grew bright red, "I SAID GET DOWN HERE NOW!" he demanded.
The figure's wings stopped flapping, and the person slowly floated down to the ground. There was a soft thud as the shoes touched the stadium's grass. The lights followed the boy down, making his features more visible now that light completely surrounded him.
Upon his head was two large grey devilish ears along with bright red horns that curled back a bit. His clothes were a bit old looking, and whatever design that had been on them before had been worn off. Behind him, a tail with two scythe'd ends slithered about like it had a mind of it's own. The tail was extremely long and seemed to shrink at times. His large black wings proved to be fourteen feet from tip to tip. Once the crowd got a good look at him, they sensed an evil air coming from him and began screaming in terror and running out of the arena, "CORRE!" "RUN!" people of different nationalities shouted. The security ran out the doors too, not wanting a bit of what that thing had to offer.
"Aw, you've scared my toys away!" Aurrow whined into the microphone when the stadium was empty. "I see you've brought me one though, just for me on my birthday. You're the best big brother ever!" Aurrow threw up his arms and tossed the microphone as he ran to hug his big brother. He was just a foot away when he felt something slam into his chest and send him flying into the huge screen that had been behind him and was showing off his face. There was a loud crash as the glass shattered and the wires short circuited.
"She's not your toy...and I'm not here for your birthday" The figure snarled. His tail slithered in front of him and waved about as it returned behind him. His tail had whipped in front of him and slammed the celebrity with the flat of it's blade. When there wasn't a reply he spoke again, "I know you're not dead. It takes a hell lot more to kill you than that."
"And it takes even more to kill you I assume" the celebrity stood from the wreckage, shoving off the metal parts and plucking glass out of his body like it was nothing. He sighed, "You know, it can all end if you just give up to Yang and be my servant. You're the only one that can resist me, even then it's only half resistance"
"Never." He stated simply, he set the girl over to the side of the arena. He looked to Aurrow, "I am Gabriel, not Yang. She's taught me that more than anything" he was referring to the girl. It was the girl that taught him to be himself. He could do anything he wanted to do and he didn't have to obey if he didn't want to. Sure, there were consequences, but Gabriel had always been following the orders of Aurrow a good percent of his life. The other percent was being locked in a basement with little water and raw food by his own parents.
Aurrow sighed, "You're letting the toys get to you. They're not people like me, they don't feel like I do. They don't laugh truly or cry truly. They're just a pathetic purposeless existence put on this earth to entertain me by my father they think as God. I-"
"You're insane. The humans have an purpose they have just to find it. They're as much as your toys as I am your slave. I'm sick of you and everybody in the SRO," (SRO=Scientific Research Organization) "Using me as a tool and a lab rat!"
"Sad sad Gabriel...I am the sole reason the universe exists. You and your black hair and yellow eyes on the other hand, well i'm afraid you exist for nothing more than to be my slave. Now, come on. Let Yang take over and give me my friend back!" Aurrow grew a bit teary eye'd as if he were about to throw a fit.
"How about I let him out to rip you APART!" Gabriel had leaped forward, his entire body changed as he sailed through the air. His body turned black as fur sprouted and he grew larger, he met Aurrow eye to eye before his large wolfish jaws snapped around the boy's neck and drew blood. The neck seemed to disappear in an instant and was replaced with hot flames.
Gabriel looked up, his wolfish body was illuminated and his tail, wings, horns, and ears remained where they were but bigger. He gave a snarl as he saw a huge bird sail upwards, the bird of fire disappeared and revealed his brother floating in the air with a frown on his face. He looked as if he were about to speak, but he was interrupted by Gabriel's tail whipping towards him with the scythe's blade pointing towards Aurrow. The blade impaled the boy, but the boy didn't flinch.
Aurrow smirked and grabbed the tail that was stuck in his body, he sent energy to his hands and they glowed a bright red as they began to burn the tail. He heard Gabriel yelp in pain and rip the tail from his body and out of his hand. Aurrow laughed and was once again enveloped in flames in the shape of a bird, an eagle. The bird cawed and grabbed at the wolf, it had grown to be big enough to catch it in it's claws.
Gabriel screeched as the fire burned at his fur and the nails dug into his skin and drew blood, possibly puncturing one of his organs. He howled in rage and squirmed free by finding Aurrow's foot in the flames and latching onto it. Aurrow cried out in his own agony and spewed fire from his hands in an attempt to burn Gabriel's face. He avoided it with a quick flap of his wings, yanking Aurrow about and causing the bird to disappear. Aurrow smirked though and seemed to change himself, "I'll just take on the form of one of your friends you don't know about..." He seemed to get bigger and bigger, shaping out to look like a giant deer with odd antlers that sprouted up like an aloevera plant. His fur was white and he seemed to be able to stand in the air.
"So you're a reindeer now?" Gabriel snarled before leaping forward and latching onto Aurrow's throat and ripping at it. The deer shrieked and disappeared, not able to even do anything as Aurrow clutched his ripped open throat. He was still alive somehow, but he wasn't able to speak. "Why won't you die!?"
"I.....can....say.....the same....for you." Aurrow managed to say as his hand glowed a bit purple. Gabriel was confused until a huge pole slammed into his wing. He was pinned to a wall, his wings made crackling sounds as his bones snapped and blood ran down his feathers. Aurrow smirked and took his time walking closer. He was about to speak more when he heard something high pitched beep twice. There was a searing heat that blasted Aurrow, followed by pain like never before. He dragged his burned and torn body, which disgustingly showed bone, and fled the arena.
Gabriel looked up at the fleeing figure, unable to make out the shape that approached him, the shape spoke, "So you're the one who stole my girlfriend."
"N-Nick?" Gabriel spoke before passing out.

[welp that's all I got. If I get enough people requesting more I'll retype the entire story :3]

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