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Ari Cecil and Hope joined the party!

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Ari Cecil and Hope joined the party! Empty Ari Cecil and Hope joined the party!

Post by Sakura Kagemine on Tue May 14, 2013 8:45 pm

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Name:Ari Cecil
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Occupation: Trainer, aspiring SOJ
Personality:Ari is gentle and kind, always going around with a smile, no matter how small. In fact, the only time she would be seen frowning is when someone else is sad or depressed. Unfortunately this also mean she is gullible, believing what anyone says and is extremely trusting of others. She takes care of even the worst human or Pokemon alive if they are injured.
Ari's in the center!:
History:Ari was born in the Almia region, where she was raised by her mother, and scorn by her father. When Ari was a toddler, she was abandoned by her father who didn't want a child, but couldn't get rid of her earlier because her mom never left her out of her sight. She went into an orphanage where there were dozens of children begging for attention, begging for more food but was denied(say hi Oliver!). Several years passed by in the miserable conditions when a person adopted 4 children, one of them being Ari, to take better care of them and try to help them survive throughout their entire life. Most of the kids grew to have different personalities than the bland monochrome sadness that they all felt, but Ari was still in depression. Her adoptive father took her to see the stars and told her that for every star in the sky a person is smiling. The dim stars were people who were sad on the outside for reasons some which were like her. She then asked him if that was why he smiled on the time and he responded, "Not exactly. The reason I smile is because no matter how bad things are, there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel." After that she grew more cheerful and trusting, thinking that the quote also applied to people as well. When she was nine she saw Pokemon who was being taken by Team Dim Sum, and was soon "Defeated" by a ranger. Ari was captivated by the act, and tried to go to the ranger school, but they denied access because she was to young. Even though she was hurt inside she smiled and walked away, back home dejectedly. A few months later she turned ten and heard about the Feronia Region and their Swords of Justice team and asked her foster father if she could go. After a several long days of persuasion, he came downstairs with something in his hand, and right as he said yes, he opened it. In his hand was a silvery necklace, on it was a flower with green leaves, purple petals and a golden center. It was a charm his mother gave to him when he went on his journey and he was supposed to pass it on to his child when he/she left. After a long goodbye she caught a plane to Feronia and got ready for what lay ahead.

After landing in Feronia she went to the Konoha Lab and recieved her partner Hope, the name itself being ironic. The two can be considered polar opposites, for Hope is cold and savage, often getting herself into battle, and can and will kill other Pokemon in cold blood. After spending some time in Feronia, she heard about the Ichigo Region. Deciding to explore the new place, Ari left on a boat to travel forward on a new adventure.
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Ari's Party and possessions!
Sakura Kagemine
Sakura Kagemine

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Ari Cecil and Hope joined the party! Empty Re: Ari Cecil and Hope joined the party!

Post by BlueKat12 on Tue May 14, 2013 9:02 pm


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