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Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano)

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Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano) Empty Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano)

Post by Sakura Kagemine on Mon May 13, 2013 8:51 pm

A Ralts quietly observed the metallic city from the inside, and to say, it would be intimading to be in such a huge city, if he hadn't been orginally from a high tech city himself. After glancing at a human which seemed to have many goodies, the Pokemon gave a low trilling note. As if on cue, a shadow creeped across the builidngs, like an illusion of water in the desert. The unsuspecting person quickly looked at their phone, quickly texting a reply without looking up. That proved to be her first mistake. Several small items, mainly food flew out from the heapped bag, and into the waiting hands of the boy who's eyes were a vibrant shade of violet. Finally when the girl hit a final button and glanced up, her eyes seemed to widen at her floating groceries before a small multicolored beam went from the Ralts, hitting the woman square in the head. The human collasped, and when the poor shopper came to, the theives were long gone.

"Hey Avery, you okay?" The boy asked, the Ralts. It was a rhetorical question, most of the time in their act, they rarely got hurt, but Riley insisted on asking his partner this after every "operation" which he called it. The two carefully divided a small amount of food, and started eating in the quiet sidestreets. The rest was already stored away in his pack. After they finished off their megear meal, Riley pulled something out of the bag. "Avery, we got this." the boy said, giving the rare Leftovers item to his partner. "Who knows when it might be useful." Avery blinked and took the item, giving off a thankful chirp. They walked off the sidestreets and strolled along the more expensive shops(which of course they couldn't afford), before a TM store caught the theif's eyes. "Say Avery, do you want to get a TM? They help you learn more moves than what you can usually use." He asked, in an inquiring manner, from anyone's perspective he could just be an average shopper. The Feeling Pokemon grinned, and trilled in agreement. "That's great!" Riley said giving a similar smile, before his voice went to a soft whisper, "Okay, so here's the plan..."

A lone Pokemon wandered center of the street in front of the TM store, his expression worried and scared. The Ralts began to cry, apparently looking for his owner, or maybe his 'parent'. Almost immediately a small crowd formed around the Ralts, hushing him and assuring the fact that they with all their power would find his owner. The cars which tried to go by, were stuck by the amount of people in the road, and honked angrily. The commotion automatically began to grow, as the angry drivers soon got out of the cars to see what was going on, the humans protecting the Ralts, and more people merged in the ever growing crowd. Finally the store manager walked out and argued with the crowd, trying to understand why his customers were getting lured out of his store, thus causing him to lose money. In the mist of the chaos, a familer boy tiptoed carefully through the door, and glanced at the rows upon rows of TMs, trying to think about what Avery could use and would like. His eyes finally landed on a disc carefully labeled, 'TM 49 Echoed Voice' and carefully extended his hand to the priceless learning tool-
A giant wail of the alarm caused him to wince and quickly grab the item, before trying to find a way to escape. "Shoot, come on where's the exit?" he muttered, then realized that the door had been locked with iron bars. Riley looked at the bars, his green eyes flashing violet. The bars were surrounded with a small maroon aura, and flew in a different direction, ripped out of the wall. The psychic quickly ran out, the alarm still blaring in his ears. A cry soon came from the madly dispersing crowd, and soon police(which came to the scene for the report of the Ralts which was causing a major street to stop completely) were right after his tail. The boy gave out a small call for the Ralts, which stopped bawling and quickly made his way towards his trainer. The crime duo dashed in a different shop which seemed to sell TVs. Fittingly it seemed to be playing Aladdian.

Gotta keep-
One jump ahead of the bread line,
One swing ahead of the sword,
I steal only what I can't afford!
And that's everything!
One jump ahead of the lawmen.
That's all, and that's no joke!
These guys don't appreciate I'm broke~

Riley quickly recalled the Ralts, making sure that he wouldn't be in trouble, and leapt over a table containing 47 by 56 inch tvs, knocking them to the ground, shocked screaming followed, but to the troublesome boy, he didn't hear any of that. The blood was pumping in his ears, his head throbbed but still he ran, in danger of being caught. The boy quickly swerved around an corner to find a policeman grabbing his taser, but before he could use it, Riley ducked under his legs and knocked the man down on the ground, in his suprise, the police tased himself. Riley almost seemed to get cocky, for he knew at this point he would win. He began to sing along to the song as well, dodging a policewoman, and running out.

Tell you all about it when I got the time~
One jump ahead of the slow pokes,
One skip ahead of my doom.
Next time, gonna use a nom de plume.
One jump ahead of the hitmen,
One hit ahead of the flock.

Riley scaled a building, but to his dismay, a bunch of police were already on top. The boy looked down, and put his hands up. The group slowly closed in, taser at the ready, all pointed at the theif. "You better come along quietly." The one in the middle said, taking a step closer, when Avery suddenly popped out of his Pokeball and rapidly used confusion on all the humans, causing them to fall back their hands to their heads. Riley laughed, and put his partner on his shoulder, before jumping off the roof while singing-
"They're quick-
But I'm much faster!
Here goes,
Better throw my hand in,
Wish me happy landing,
All I gotta do is jump!"
Sakura Kagemine
Sakura Kagemine

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Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano) Empty Re: Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano)

Post by Sakura Kagemine on Mon May 13, 2013 11:33 pm

The unorganized city was closed down, searching for the boy who seemed to vanish out of thin air. The gates were closed off, preventing people from entering or exiting the town, with several police officers standing guard over each exit. The head of security wasn't sure that the handful of police were enough keeping guard, seeing how the theif escaped from their very hands, with around the same amount of people, but they assured him that they would need as many as they could to find the boy and his Ralts, plus the only way out was locked by fingerprint/eye scanners, so it should at least slow down the man until more backups could arrive. The rest of the police force spent hours upon end combing the buildings, the streets, the rooftops, but it almost seemed as if he was already gone from the city. Never the less, the police continued to search, as if their lives depended on it(well it kind of did, since the head threatened to fire them if they didn't find him, and the person who got him/brought him in would gain a major promotion).

Riley was staking out in the darkening evening, on the police's rooftop of all things. Being a somewhat experienced theif, he realized long ago, that most people would think that a wanted person would try to keep away from the police headquarters, or more away from jail. In this reasoning, he managed to stay hidden for quite a while. Avery was already long asleep, but his trainer watched dilligently, munching an apple. Finally Riley awoke the Ralts, and they creeped off the building, towards a costume shop. According to the flyers, there was some sort of cosplay party the following day, and he wanted to join in, for it would be better to sort of blend in. The boy carefully disabled the siren, learning from his mistake before, and sneaked in. The rows and racks of costumes of various characters seemed overwhelming, but thankfully they didn't appear to have alarms as well. He guessed that the clothing wasn't really that special enough to have to much worry about theft. On each rack, there was a drawing of the person you are supposed to mimic, and another picture of the costume on a seperate person. Silently Riley wandered around each eisle, before one rack with very few costumes caught his eye. He grinned, Perfect.

Two police officers stood guard at the bustling party, looking tiredly at each other. The boss gave them an earful about the fact that they found some small camp on top of their own building, and it almost was screaming a taunt at the leaders. One yawned slightly, then frowned at the taste of the people at the party. Many of them were wearing Aladdin costumes, apparently the entire store was bought off these things, definitely due to the fact that the theif was singing Aladdin while he made his escape. It was practically rubbing insult upon injury, yet they still couldn't find him. The police force was exausted from the boy in hiding, but maybe they could take a small...nap....

In a small mob of Aladdins one boy seemed to be smirking at the fact that their only police group that was sent here, decided to sleep on the job. His face rearranged quickly to normalicity. Since there was simply to many Disney characters that started with A, the judges made the decision to set aside a different section just for Disney, so they were herded towards the stage. The requirement was to stay in character for five minutes, and a second secret condition which would eventually be revealed once you made it to part two. Father time slowly ticked forward, and each second seemed to stretch into hours. Some people were horrible and obiviously didn't know much about their character, yet some were better, but there was no outstanding ones, one you could think plays the character with the orignal, and you couldn't tell the difference. Then one person quietly walked up to the stage, standing still without a word. The judge yawned boredly, it was another one of those Aladdin characters, and it seemed that everyone and their grandparents were practically dressed as Aladdin without even knowning what was the requirements for him.
The man rubbed his temple and listened again. It was practically perfect, with maybe a few rooms for improvement. But the slight sarcasm, the amused expression, well almost everything was line to line. How...could it be done? Something in the deep thoughts of his mind told the Judge something, something was wrong. His instincts told him to run and get someone for help. The man ignored these feelings, and instead walked up to the stage, to announce the people moving up to round two. There was only that Aladdin, a Crucella De Ville(or however you spell that), a Peter Pan, and a Mulan left of the crowd of hundreds left. Nothing moved for a second after he announced what they would have to do, and soon everyone took out their cameras, pulled out computers etc. The remaining contestants started researching (excluding the Aladdin) about something which they seemed to want to make perfect.

The Peter Pan quickly walked off the stage, his face flushed red with embarassement. He knew he wasn't that good in this area, but...he tried hard, he really did. It wasn't his fault he was born like that was still humiliating. To be so close, yet so far, it was something like stealing the little ray of hope in front of his eyes.
Then came the Aladdin came past, his head snapped to him. There was something suprisingly familer about hi-then it hit the boy like a stone. "Your-" suddenly the boy fell to the floor, in a dead faint.

The Aladdin slowly stepped the steps, each small footstep echoing throughout the entire stadium. It seemed to have an immediate effect on the Audience, the silence allowed the sound to seem even more ominous. Finally the man stood on the stage, holding the microphone carefully, as if he was afraid he was going to damage it. Suddenly the 'Aladdin' smirked, and took off his wig. The gasp was collective, but that wasn't before Riley quickly dashed off the stage, still holding the mircophone. (Honestly those people in the crowd, I'm suprised they didn't see this XD)
"Gotta keep
One jump ahead of the bread line
One swing ahead of the sword
I steal only what I can't afford
And that's everything!
One jump ahead of the lawmen
That's all, and that's no joke
These guys don't appreciate I'm broke!"

Some amused spectators which got over their shock screamed after him,
"Riff raff!
Take that!"

The sleepy police suddenly gotten a rude awakening, and had to try to run after the man, but eventually gave up and went into their car, and chased after Riley. The young psychic suddenly started levitating, and flew over the wall, to find a helecoptor, heading to intecept. He sped past, trying to outmanuver the sorry excuse for a plane, but more appeared until he was surrounded. Riley quickly surveyed his situation, and mocked, "All this for a loaf of bread?" before suddenly falling through the air, towards the pond. The copters quickly tried to catch him, but the boy seemed long gone, swallowed by the lake. The body was never found.

A shadow of a boy and his Pokemon at the edge of a forest, were found. They grinned, and the trainer sang, "I think I'll take a stroll around the block"
Sakura Kagemine
Sakura Kagemine

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Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano) Empty Re: Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano)

Post by BlueKat12 on Tue May 14, 2013 8:26 pm


~ Length of RP: Pretty good length! +1 Level and +500 poke
~ Descriptions: Nicely done, but maybe describe who the characters (Aladdin, Peter Pan ect.) are a bit more just in case someone hasn't seen the movies before. +2 Levels +300 Poke
~ Plot : LOL the song. Shows that Riley has a bit of a "playful" side to him. I would say nice allusion, but an allusion is referencing to something and not saying the source. The plot keeps up with the length and doesn't get dull. +1 level +500 poke

Total: 4 Levels and 1300 poke.

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Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano) Empty Re: Yakusoku (has nothing to do with plot, I'm just addicted to the song and no it has nothing to do with Kano)

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