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Ashley "Stardust" Landon

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Ashley "Stardust" Landon  Empty Ashley "Stardust" Landon

Post by Act-I on Sat May 11, 2013 3:23 pm

[size=large]Ashley "Stardust" Landon[/size]

Ashley "Stardust" Landon



Former Idol, Currently a Breeder

Like this, except without any robot parts and with blue eyes

Ashley is of about average height, but is quite thin due to the fact that she was a celebrity and was pressure to be nice and slim. She has soft, clear skin without any blemishes or acne for the same reason. Her eyes are big and the color blue and they usually let off a bright happy vibe, but they can change to cool and uncaring in an instant. Ashley's hair is long and is dyed a pinkish-red, with a large strand of hair that just won't seem to flatten down like the rest of her hair.

As for clothing, Ashley is known to wear more fashionable, detailed clothing, which she is quite used to wearing. With miniskirts, multiple layers of clothing, makeup, and the ability to walk in high heals as if they were sneakers, Ashley looks like she came straight from a fashion magazine (which she has, on some occasions). On rare occasions she'll be wearing simple, casual clothing, though she knows that if she gets found out she'll probably have to wear such clothing to fit in. Many of her outfits have a star on them, a common symbol she uses as an idol.


Ashley is normally a calm, laid-back person. Normally she doesn't worry, though her recent escape from celebrity life has caused her to become a bit more paranoid. She has never really wanted to be famous and to be the center of attention, though she just can't help basking in the lime light when it shines upon her. She's a bit sarcastic and irritable, though she is a generally friendly, happy person. Ashley likes Pokemon and loves cute Pokemon, though she tends to have an odd sense of cute, often being drawn to Pokemon like Joltik, Rotom, or even Trapinch.


Although her early childhood was pretty normal, ever since Ashley was in a talent competition as a tween and became the center of attention to producers, Ashley basically became a star overnight, a patch she never expected to take.

So, Ashley became a teen idol, known as Stardust, sweeping the Unova region with her musical and acting talents.

Eventually, Ashley became sick of being a celebrity. Half people who worked with her were either stuck up, jerks, or both, and she couldn't really go anywhere without being spotted and ending up being flocked by a huge group of people. She wanted to escape and to have a normal life somewhere far away where she was (hopefully) less known.

And that's exactly what she did.

During one night, she escaped from Pokestar Studios with a only a suitcase full of clothes and headed out on a boat to the Ichigo region, where she planned to start her new life...

...As long as no one knew exactly who she was.

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Ashley "Stardust" Landon  Empty Re: Ashley "Stardust" Landon

Post by BlueKat12 on Sat May 11, 2013 4:01 pm

No problems to be seen!
Be sure to add to your character records!

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