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Mods, Transportation, NPCs and Wild Pokemon

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Mods, Transportation, NPCs and Wild Pokemon Empty Mods, Transportation, NPCs and Wild Pokemon

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 03, 2013 7:48 pm

Moderators rarely mod for you. They control Gym Leaders, Important Rangers and Important Evil Team Members. PM a mod if you need them or ask them on the CB. They also grade Mono-RPs and help the admins in accepting characters. If you need some help with the something, give them a pm! (ADMINS ARE MODERATORS TOO!) ONLY BLUEKAT12, 32MELODY, ACTINIUM AND ASHE.DEKARI CAN MOD ELITE FOUR. BLUEKAT12 ONLY CAN MOD CHAMPION.

Small time characters such as police, random characters on the route, trainers, or perhaps just someone for your character to interact with that isn't someone else's character are free for you to control. You can choose what they say/do and what pokemon they have(Give yourself a challenge though, if you are found spawning a bunch of pokemon weak and helpless to your pokemon, your topic will be deleted and you will be forced to lose all progress you have made on the topic.

Getting Around
In this rp, you can go everywhere anytime you want. The region is filled with means of transportation from trains, planes, hitchhiking and subways! But in order to move on to the next city/route you must spend 3 encounters in places where pokemon can be encountered. This pretty much means that you can go anywhere in the reigon but once you get there you're stuck there until you encounter 3 pokemon.
As for hms such as surf, pokemon of that type can use it. A pidgeot can fly you around, but they cannot use the move fly in battle.
Water pokemon, ones that are similar to fish such as goldeen, will flop around if there is no water in the area. They will not suffocate but may tire faster with all of the flopping they do, there IS a way to allow your pokemon to float but that must be found on your own! >:3

Wild Pokemon
As you travel, you will discover wild pokemon. To determine what pokemon you encounter for wild pokemon, you simply roll the die for that route! The die code will be posted in that thread in a Information Topic.
Sometimes pokemon have special markings on them, to make your pokemon unique and give them a marking, you can pay 10,000 poke. You can also win them for free in raffle events.
Shiny Pokemon are only obtained through events.
Custom Colored Pokemon are 35,000 poke, but can also be received during raffles(the pokemon species will be given and you have to color it if you win). You cannot color it Shiny.

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