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★POKEMON GIJINKA ACADEMY★ [Privare between me Kat and Saku~]

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★POKEMON GIJINKA ACADEMY★ [Privare between me Kat and Saku~]

Post by Act-I on Sun May 05, 2013 4:43 pm

Plot Refresher:

Most people are completely human. They might live with Pokemon, but they never are actually part Pokemon...

Unless you have a little magic in your blood

The people that do have this special magic have the potential to become part Pokemon, known as a Gijinka. Still, they aren't part Pokemon 24/7. They have to have a trigger of sorts. This trigger is a magical accessory that somehow will someday find the way into a magic person's possession in some strange way. Coming into contact with the item will cause a transformation to occur in the holder, turning them into their true self and awakening their powers.

The first transformation leaves a certain energy signal that can be traced with the proper abilities. There is an establishment that focuses on tracing the signal back to the one who transformed. This place is the one and only Pokemon Gijinka Academy.

The Academy usually doesn't seem like the best place when you have your first visit. Most of the time a newly awakened person will randomly black out and be transported to the academy against their will and without them knowing. Most get used to it after a while, though this is what is expected and encouraged.

Now, the Pokemon world is in danger from an unknown enemy, and a trio of kids are the only ones who could save it. With the power of a group of legendaries in their blood, will they learn to harness their powers and save the world in time?

Notes about Gijinkas:

First, the awakening process. Once a person comes into contact with their Guardian Item (usually an accessory that has something to do with the Pokemon it represents), it will glow. Then, in a flash of light the color of the Pokemon to be spliced with, they gain an appearance similar to their Spirit Pokemon. They gain an outfit and physical appearance similar to their Spirit Pokemon, usually complete with their Pokemon's ears, tail, special features, ect. Not only do they gain a similar appearance, but they also gain a magic weapon and abilities that their spirit Pokemon have.

To transform back, one has to activate their Guardian Item, which will cause Gijinlas to revert back to their normal selves. This is useful, as after a while a Gijinka will begin to grow weak along with their powers. Staying in Gijinka form for too long will cause you to automatically revert into your human form, which would probably cause a lot of problems. You'd be better off in your human form when not doing anything, as it lets your power rechange and strengthen for the next time you transform.

Regular Pokemon:

Regular Pokemon do exist and it isn't unusual to see a Gijinka have a few Pokemon with them. In fact, it is actually better for a Gijinka to have Pokemon because in Gijinka form their Pokemon are strengthened and in both Gijinka and human form they can understand Pokemon speech. They can also form a bond with a Pokemon without needing a Pokeball. Pokemon are treated like the anime here, without levels. Just be reasonable!


Name: Normal human names, please.
Gender: •w•
Personality: Can be left blank and RPed later!
Human Appearance: Just your average appearance. Pictures are fine.
Gijinka Appearance: Jow they look when transformed. A picture is more encouraged here!
Weapon: Your magic weapon. Its unique to you, so you can get creative. It can be anything, from a sword to a bow to a gun, but it should sort of look like the Pokemon your based off of.
Other:Anything else you want to add.

[b]Human Appearance:[/b]
[b]Gijinka Appearance:[/b]
Remember, I'm Reshiram, Kat is Zekrom, and Saku is Kyurem!

Okay, ready~


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Re: ★POKEMON GIJINKA ACADEMY★ [Privare between me Kat and Saku~]

Post by BlueKat12 on Sun May 05, 2013 8:25 pm

Name: Drake (Because it means Dragon F*** YEAH)
Age: 16 (I can't have 18? ;A; *is shot*)
Gender: MALE(becuz shipping must happen)
Human Appearance:
Gijinka Appearance:
WIP Until I can get some ideas |D

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Re: ★POKEMON GIJINKA ACADEMY★ [Privare between me Kat and Saku~]

Post by Sakura Kagemine on Sun May 05, 2013 8:36 pm

Name: Glas Saphira
Age: 13
Gender: Female~
Personality: To be RPED :3
Human Appearance:
Gijinka Appearance:
Weapon: An Icy Bow
Like this exept more of Kyurems's Color Scheme:
Sakura Kagemine

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Re: ★POKEMON GIJINKA ACADEMY★ [Privare between me Kat and Saku~]

Post by Sponsored content

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