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Leveling, Evolving, and Happiness

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Leveling, Evolving, and Happiness Empty Leveling, Evolving, and Happiness

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 03, 2013 6:43 pm

On Roleplaying with Others
Roleplaying with others:
When rping with others, each page the group works to get will equal one level to a single pokemon on each character, even if the pokemon battled or not. Poke will be gained with each post and everybody gets something instantly. YOU must keep track of the levels!

On Roleplaying with self
There IS a other option though! You can roleplay with yourself in the MONO-RP part of the thread, you will NOT get poke upon each post and you will NOT get levels with each page. You can only have ONE mono-rp topic open in your available five topics, and another cannot be opened until the first is graded and closed by a mod or admin.
When roleplaying with yourself, you will be graded and given prizes based on how good your topic is. The number of posts you post doesn't matter! You shall be graded on:
Length of paragraphs
Detailing of events
The poke and levels given will be based on what the admin/mod thinks you deserve. Do not create huge arguments over it, if you feel that you deserve more, then have another mod look over it to give their opinion on whether it should be boosted or not.

Certain area pokemon need to spend a certain amount of time(5 pages) in an area(or for mono Rps,three complete Mono-RPs or unless the mod decides you deserve an evolution on the first, note that the mods CAN delay your evolution if they think you don't deserve it), here is the list for those pokemon and what area they need to be in!

Eevee -> Glaceon: Route Nine
Eevee -> Leafeon: Hollophyll Forest
Magneton -> Magnezone: Communication Towers in Electricia
Nosepass -> Probopass: Route Four's Underground Tunnels
Feebas -> Milotic: Lake Subaqua(You can also use a Prism Scale and Trade if you win one in a contest/lottery)

Some pokemon need Happiness to evolve. We've devised a system that will determine happiness. To make your pokemon eligible for evolution, when needed through happiness, you must have your pokemon featured in 15 complete threads.

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