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Melody-chan's Characters!~

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Melody-chan's Characters!~ Empty Melody-chan's Characters!~

Post by Melody-chan on Sat May 04, 2013 7:46 pm

Skye Autumn


Name: Skye Autumn
Gender: ♀ Female
Trainer Class: Trainer



Relationships with Others: ( Character + Profile Link - Creator - Status - Description - Threads With )

Rave - BlueKat12 - Acquaintance / Traveling Partner
Skye met this boy in The Witch's Burrow. She found him lying flat on the floor and helped him up, going so far as to try and see if he could remember anything from his past. She knows about his fear of bears seems to be quite concerned about him, both physically and mentally. The two are currently traveling together along with Riley Sagato in order to leave The Witch's Burrow.

Threads With :
~ The Wicked Witch's Will
Riley Sagato - Sakura K - Acquaintance / Traveling Partner
It strikes Skye as amazing that Riley can do things like telekinesis and things of that form. She met Riley in The Witch's Burrow and was able to see his pure but mischievous aura that he radiated, but he was in no way dangerous. She thinks Riley is kind of odd but doesn't think of him as anything other then that. The pair along are traveling together along with Rave in order to leave The Witch's Burrow.

Threads With :
~ The Wicked Witch's Will


None of Skye's team has met any other Pokemon yet.



Pokedollars: 3000
Skye has not won any badges yet.

Melody-chan's Characters!~ Pokedex Pokedex
Melody-chan's Characters!~ Bag_Pok%C3%A9_Ball_Sprite x6 Pokeballs
Melody-chan's Characters!~ Xtransceiver x1 Xtransceiver
Melody-chan's Characters!~ Rsitem106 x1 Oran Berry

Current Pokemon Team: ( Date Received - Nickname - Gender - Level - Nature - Held Item - Ability - Moves - Description )
Melody-chan's Characters!~ 587
Aria the Emolga:

Melody-chan's Characters!~ 587
♪ Date Received : 5 / 4 / 13
♪ Nickname : Aria
♪ Gender : ♀ Female
♪ Level : 5
♪ Nature : Jolly
♪ Held Item : None
♪ Ability : Static
♪ Moves : ThunderShock, Quick Attack
♪ Description :
Aria is quite the dramatic one! The little Dual type absolutely loves making friends with the strangest of Pokemon and will do almost anything to get her way, and she cares for her human and Pokemon friends very much. The Emolga is an expert at lying and she has already tricked her owner quite a few times but loves Skye dearly. Her trainer feels the same way about her - the two are almost like sisters.

Boxed Pokemon: ( Date Stored - Date Received - Nickname - Gender - Level - Nature - Held Item - Ability - Moves - Description )
Skye has not stored any Pokemon yet.



May 4. 2013 - Arrived and Received Pokemon from Redwood Lab!

May 4. 2013 - Entered The Witch's Burrow with Aria. Encountered Rave and Riley!

May 5, 2013 - Walked around with Aria in Route One. Encountered Rin!



Total Page Count: 3
Threads: ( Thread Title + Link - Pages - Status )
In Progress ( Max = 5 ):
~ The Wicked Witch's Will - 3 - In Progress
~ Will it be a good day? - 0 - In Progress


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