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Rin Murahashi

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Rin Murahashi Empty Rin Murahashi

Post by Act-I on Sat May 04, 2013 7:37 pm

Rin Murahashi

Rin Murahashi




Rin can easily be seen as the dark person she is. Tall and slim, Rin has short black hair and bright teal eyes. Her skin is pale and greatly contrasts her hair. She tends to wear simple, casual clothing, often sticking to neutral colors like brown and black. She is never seen without her black hoodie, be it on her or tied around her waist. It's similar to a security blanket to her but not as babyish.

Rin is quite antisocial. She doesn't talk much and often appears cold or emotionless, though she has a really warm side that shows occasionally. Really, she doesn't have that good social skills and is a bit shy.

Rin is really artistic and likes to sketch and draw the world, and is an amateur photographer. She's very perceptive, tending to notice and focus on tiny details. She doesn't like people seeing her work, though, and is afraid of the judgement of others. Many times she will draw something and no one but her will see it, though if you become a good friend of hers she might open up to you.

Rin was born on the Village Bridge in Unova, and lived a very peaceful life there. It was quite uneventful, until a few months ago. There was a fire on the bridge. Although it only left a few people injured, the bridge took the worst toll. It was greatly weakened in the fire and was deemed unsafe to live on until further notice, and everyone was forced to relocate for the time being. Rin and her family moved to Virbank City to live with her aunt and uncle. City life never really suited Rin though there was no place else to go. Except...

What about her own journey?

After some convincing, Rin was able to get on a boat to the Ichigo((Was that its name?)) region (it was the cheapest and soonest) and headed off for adventure!

She's going to start with these extra items, if you don't mind:

Pencil Case
Digital Camera
Sketch Pad


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Rin Murahashi Empty Re: Rin Murahashi

Post by Melody-chan on Sat May 04, 2013 8:09 pm

Ichigo was meant to be a joke. xD Efurrything looks purrty good here!~

--= This character has been approved by the Admin Melody-chan! =--
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