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The Potential Rp, or Story to be written or Rp'd: Mainstay.

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The Potential Rp, or Story to be written or Rp'd: Mainstay.

Post by Number XV on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:31 pm

Give your opinions yeah? Albeit, I must say this, I will not tolerate any idea stealing of this, without permission of course, I have faced this problem before and I am saying it right now, THIS WORK IDEA IS COPYRIGHTED! There, now, enjoy the explanation of Mainstay.

-Cough- Okay so it goes like this: 
In 2026 Several events occured to create a group known as the UNMC, United Nations Military Council, this Council is everything they tried not to be in the beginning, Militant Dictators. Firstly the invention of Bionic Upgrades, which after only six months of being on the market in small scale, eye fixers, ectra. It was impounded by the UN for being 'Inhumane'. Slowly things started to deteriorate, eventually the european countries withdrew from the UN, reforming NATO. This action caused the power-hungry and slightly insane people left to control the UN, and the three largest Countries took over, The US< Russia, and China. Within 4 Weeks of THAT, the world decends into massive open war between NATO and the remnants of the UN, now the United Nations Military Council. UNMC. In a giant effort, Nato mustered its entire military in Germany (I don't why, I just felt like it, being here and all. xD) To invade Russia and China in one move. They were met with the response of the UNMC, in the form of 120 Militarized Bionic Soldiers, Human souls transplanted into pure machines. Human looking, so think android style.The 120 Bionics were divided into 10 person teams, each tasked with a certain thing, Like Melee, or Assassination. In a single battle that lasted only for a day, the entirity of the Nato forces were wiped out, all slaughtered by the 120 killing machines. And the UNMC's Bionics only took 7 causalities. The battle turned most of nothren and eastren Germany into a cracked and burned wasteland. Now, the 120 Bionics were evenly divided between male and female. But the cuaslities caused a disbalance, 5 Officers and two common soldiers had died, 6 male and one female. All from the front-line units. This caused several, at least 1/20th of the remaining bionics to go insane on varying degrees, some completely raving mad, others, quiet, and evil. However something the UNMC scientists could not predict that out of the madness group, several regained their humanity. And went rogue. This group, took to calling themselves Mainstay for whatever reason, and ran into the world hiding amongst the populace, organizing a resistance against the UNMC. This is where the Story or Rp would start up at, you are either human or a Bionic and part of this group called Mainstay. Or part of the UNMC Forces.  Now, the world itself after NATO fell became a urban war-camp, occupied kinda state. Walled cities with armed guards, and barbed wire, gangs, corruption, and control over everything by the Militant Governments put in place by the UNMC.

And that is the basic premise of Mainstay. Now please comment your opinions of this, ideas for what I should do with said Mainstay ectra.

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Number XV

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