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Guardians of the Heart

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Guardians of the Heart

Post by BlueKat12 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:21 am

There's been a huge attack on a city, the entire city was demolished and only a few survived. The few were severely injured, and were only just released back into society. Of course, everyone remembers the faces of the ones who miraculously survived a city bombing. This RP takes place in their lives after the bombing, which changed their life. The characters will begin to hallucinate beasts that are constantly attempting to speak to them. They will also be constantly drawn towards each other(Always ending up in the same place at the same time). Soon, the beasts that they hallucinate will begin to speak to them. The beasts will beg them to go with the others that are similar to them, and, like any normal human would want to do, they would want to find out just what is going on to each other.
It's hard to explain without ruining the entire story but I promise it'll be good!

1. By signing up for this rp, you will be reminded that it's your post through PM no matter what. Bluekat12 is not responsible if you get annoyed.
2. you're character's beast cannot be bigger than a elephant!
3. No overpowering, you cannot have guns or any overpowering items on your character
4. Your "beasts" cannot have abilities, they can only fight tooth and claw like nature does
5. You must make up your own beast, no stealing
6. no skipping unless requested or if person has not posted in 3 days
7. Make a decent BIO, don't but one-two sentence things on Appearance and History
8. you may have more than one character.
9. Normal humans cannot see your beast, but humans with a beast can.
10. No beast can know just what the heck is going on
11. Beasts can only solidify for a few moments, meaning they can pass right through things, it takes up a lot of effort to do so, so they can't do it casually.
12. Also you must be able to post paragraphs

Sign up Sheet:

Name: (your character's name!)
Gender (Boy or Girl?)
Personality (you can choose to rp this)
History (What happened in their past before the explosion?)
Appearance (What do they look like?)
Age (How old are they? 13+ only)
Name (What is the name of their beast?)
Gender (Does the beast have a gender if any?)
Appearance (What does the beast look like?)
Personality (This can also be RP'd




(i'm also doing this RP on PMD but i wanted to do it here too ^_^)

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