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Soul Eater rp OneXOne

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Soul Eater rp OneXOne

Post by BlueKat12 on Tue May 28, 2013 6:37 pm

Kat's Weapon finished:

Name: Zayne Rochette

Age: 1283712894716

Appearance: His hair is naturally white, but he had constantly been dying it black to avoid being made fun of, sometimes he can't afford dye so he wears hats to hide the roots. His hair grows a bit faster than normal which makes him need to dye the roots every week or so(Or maybe that's normal...idk i know nothing of hair |D). His eye was gouged out when he was young and left with an ugly mess that he covers up with an eye patch. His clothes are dull, being a usual brown baggy pants with a white T-Shirt. His one eye changes color, he used to have two different colors of eyes but when his left was taken his right eye seemed to adopt the other eye's color and it changes between green and blue.

History: His family was murdered (Because sob stories are a must) by an "Evil Human" which also gouged out his left eye. He remembers nothing of these events though due to his brain forgetting the memories to protect him. He is still plagued with nightmares of the event, but he never remembers them when he wakes, just how terrifying it was. He was admitted into DWMA(that's correct right?) when he found out he was a weapon VIA turning into one when he met a small girl(Other chara) and a "Evil Human" Attacking.
(Yes, it's crap. It would've been a lot better and easier if I remembered HOW the students got into the academy....)

Personality: To be RP'D

Meister:Kat's other chara

Weapon appearance:

Kat's Meister(Not important chara, not muc info):

Name: Alice Wander
Age: 13
Appearance: Blonde, blue eyes, long thick hair
History: See Zayne's history
Personality: to be rp'd
Weapon: Zayne Rochette

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Re: Soul Eater rp OneXOne

Post by Number XV on Tue May 28, 2013 6:48 pm

Ashe's Weapon:

Yeah, I know..... Empty, I'll work on it... eventually....
Ashe's Meister:

Yeah, I know..... Empty, I'll work on it... eventually....

Music is my Soul, So keep on playin'....~
Number XV

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