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Rules for the Forum

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Rules for the Forum Empty Rules for the Forum

Post by BlueKat12 on Fri May 03, 2013 5:44 pm

On Entire Site
(this applies to Chatbox too)
No PowerPlaying(Taking control of other player's characters)

No Spamming(Posting more than you need to)

Multi-Accounts are BANNED, we ask that you PLEASE report any multi-accounts for this is a form of cheating and trickery, and generally a VERY rude thing to do.

No Harassing(Insulting other members or hitting on members, or making them uncomfortable)

If someone asks you to change your font color for a good reason, change it. Invisible and bright(fonts that hurt the eyes) fonts are banned.

No violent or serious arguments, please avoid the topics Religion, Sex, and Politics on the C-box.

No God Modding(Giving your character above average abilities and having every move sent at them miss)

No Turn Skipping(Skipping people who have yet to post, this does not apply if they wish to be skipped)

All posts must me AT LEAST 125 WORDS long, there is a word counter in the widgets for easy counting. All shorter posts should be ignored until edited, repetitive offences will elevate you to whichever consequence is next.

Violence IS allowed, but put a warning in the topic title or description if it is above PG-13
Limit romance in rps.

No sexual things such as pornographic images, links, or videos or referencing.

No Trolling(Slight trolling is allowed, but if someone says stop then stop )

Put all images in the chatbox in SPOILERS along with links.

All advertisements go in the advertisements thread, violators will earn a 3-day ban.

On Characters
Interactions with major characters in the anime, manga, or games are NOT allowed, minor characters such as gym leaders, Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys ARE allowed.

No Mary or Gary Sues, your characters CANNOT have traveled around all of the regions and defeated every gym leader and champion in existence.

As much as how awesome it would be, your character CANNOT understand the pokemon language no matter how much they've been around pokemon.

Your first two characters are free, but for a third you must pay 100,000 poke, the fourth 200,000 poke, and the fifth 400,000 poke and ecetera.

Characters being transferred from Feronia must be at least a month old before being transferred, slight changes may be made to them but not a completely different character. They will keep all information and statuses.

Psychics ARE allowed, but poke is needed to make your character psychic or to create a psychic character. (10,000 poke)

To make sure you have read the rules, roll the dice:
[roll="Checking"][/ roll]
without the space

You CANNOT start with a shiny pokemon. You can choose what to begin with as long as it's not already taken if it is on the rare and banned starter pokemon list.

You have the decision to start with a pokemon your character raised or to enter the lab and receive a pokemon there, (make sure they're not on the banned starter list or already taken if they are considered rare)

You MUST roleplay as a trainer, you can however roleplay your pokemon when you catch them and focus more on them. Your trainer must be present somewhere in the thread though.
You can have up to 5 topics open and active at once, this prevents unfinished topics from littering the place.

Your starter pokemon MUST start from level 5 (They cannot have egg, tutor, or TM moves) and you can only have one! However, if you have come from the Feronia website, you may transfer your character over to here and keep all information.

Every Character starts with 5 pokeballs, how you obtain them is your choice, but every character gets five free pokeballs in the beginning. You can choose to start with absolutely nothing, but then you wouldn't be able to catch anything until you buy it.

1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: 3-day ban from the entire forum
3rd. Offence: Permanent Ban

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